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Level 1 Obedience

Course Length
3 Week Course
You can book an in home lesson for $97 whilst doing the course to help at Home (Normally $177)
Can I Add extra Weeks
Once you have completed the course you can pay $15 a visit (1Hr Class) to keep your dog neutral around other dogs or $10 with Membership.
Duration Each Week
1 Hour each Week
Additional Videos
Over 20 Additional Videos to assist your Learning
How Many Dogs/Puppies
are there
A Maximum of 6 new dogs per class.
Age Requirement
For any Dog over 16 Weeks of age
How Often Run
Every 3-4 Weeks
Can my Family Come/Interact
No - For Safety Reasons
Albany Creek, Birkdale, Burpengary, Lawnton, North Lakes, Sandgate
Total Price for the  Course
$167 for the Full 3 Week Course

All our Group Courses are designed to build either on each other or in conjunction with each other.  This is about building a relationship with your dog.  Unfortunately there are many out there who do not teach you how to do this.  We provide these courses in an environment that can be distracting for the dog so they learn to trust you in all situations. 

Our Obedience courses are designed to let you achieve the results you want.  There are also optional courses along the way you can do as well.   Our Obedience instructors are trained out in the field with in home behavioural training so that they can recognize and assist you as practical as possible during class with behavioural issues not just the Obedience training.  We never use methods that are harsh or cruel to train the dogs, nor do we use food all the time unless we need to shape a previous unlearned behaviour, but we do show you how to use yourself as the reward to achieve the results.  We incorporate turns and weaving into all our classes and a variety of other exercises based on class capabilities.


Week 1 – Mat Training, Heel, Sit and Sit Stay

Week 2 – Stand, Drop, Free and Come

Week 3 – Stand Stay, Drop Stay,  Return to Heel and Graduation

Other Exercises depending on the class and Individual dog capabilities.

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