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Reactive Group Class

Course Length
10 Week Course
Can I Add extra Weeks
Duration Each Week
1 Hour each week
Additional Videos
Over 20 additional videos to help guide you with class content
How Many Dogs/Puppies
are there
Maximum of 6
Age Requirement
Any age dog over 16 weeks
How Often Run
About every 3 Months
Can my Family Come/Interact
No - For Safety Reasons
Albany Creek, Birkdale, Burpengary, North Lakes
Total Price for the  Course
$350 for the Course

Reactive Dog Group Training - This is designed for a dog that reacts toward other dogs in a manner that the owner finds hard to control or is scary or just plain cannot control their impulses to want to meet other dogs or people.  With all of our training safety of dog and human is our priority.  We also understand exposure under control is what is needed.

For most dog parents who have a reactive dog in the scary end of the scale, group training is a terrifying thought so we ensure their are multiple safety aspects to ensure safety of your dog and you and others.  We have the groups capped at 6 per trainer.  You can call our admin team and we can do an inhome visit first if you would prefer - otherwise this is an 8 week course that does our same in home reactive training but also incorporates additional techniques designed for a group setting.
This course is only available in a few locations as Graham is the only one to run them and has been doing these for many years and is particular about safety and control in these environments.
For a lot of owners it is there own fears having been attacked or lacking in control. If you feel this way please contact Graham and have a chat - many many owners are in the same situation and it is as much building your confidence as the dogs.

This course is not just for dogs who make scarier choices - this course teaches you multiple impulse control techniques as well to teach your pup not to make poor choices like ripping their parents arm off to meet another dog or human.

You will get access to videos to assist your learning process out side of the class situation and homework to practice each week.  You will get out of this what you put in.

We cover defensive handling - walking - Calming techniques - impulse control - disengagement - handlers ability - dog trust as part of this course

We are here to help and support you and there are many people who have been where you are.

With Reactive Dog Training we do everything we can to assist you but ultimately it comes down to you the human to want to fix the situation. If you are not prepared to do as we ask you will not get the results we know you can. There is no magical pill - just hard work and dedication to your family member - the Dog.  This training is designed for any dog that acts in a way toward another dog that is inconsistent with expected norms. This includes at one end of the scale Labradors who just want to "Hug" everyone in the park which gets them into fights or pulls their humans over trying to love other humans - all the way up to the other end of the scale with dogs that have been attacked and are fear aggressive or have progressed through to outright attacking other dogs on the walk. We show you how to initially get control both with your leadership in the home and outside then work with you to change the behaviour of your dog so that it makes a better decision. This creates confidence in you and in your dog to be able to be out in public.  This is not suitable for aggression toward humans that behaviour requires our aggression Pack. There is still a lot of work that is required by the human to teach your dog to make a better decision we help you to do that.


Multiple Techniques to teach your dog to learn how to disengage and relax. The content is Unique so we do not advertise it. We DO NOT USE ECOLLARS OR PRONG COLLARS!

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