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Scent Training Level 1

Course Length
4 week course
Can I Add extra Weeks
Duration Each Week
1 Hour each Week
Additional Videos
How Many Dogs/Puppies
are there
Age Requirement
Any age - Must have had all vaccinations
How Often Run
Every 2-3 Months
Can my Family Come/Interact
Yes but only for your Pup
Total Price for the  Course
$197 for the Course

There are 2 different levels in these classes.  Level 1 teaches you the basics of the reward system and how to use clicker training as a base to scent detection training.  In level 1 we also teach how to detect the scent and how to teach the dog to mark the scent and indicate.

In Level 2 we show you how to vary the locations - how to use less odour and how to do it in an outdoor environment.

Both Levels are $197 for the 4 week class and are limited to 6 participants.  To do Level 1 you dog must be able to do a sit and a drop - and if you have a reactive dog you will need to have done our reactive course and be able to be around other dogs.  This course can also be done in our in home training packages.


Week 1 - Teaching the human how to correctly mark with a clicker and reward
Week 2 - Introducing the scent and search command
Week 3 - Marking and indicating the location of the scent
Week 4 - Graduation and Practice.

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