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NAS Gut Balance Probiotic Roo Liver Blend Supplement For Dogs And Cats Support Healthy Microbiome For Total Digestive And Immune Health

Enhanced Gut Health NAS Gut Balance Probiotic is specifically designed to improve your pet's gut health, supporting a robust microbiome that defends against infections and diseases

  • Optimal Blend Of 5 Probiotic Strains:  Contains a blend of 5 probiotic strains (LRhamnosus, L Paracasei, L Plantarum, B Lactis, B Longum) 
  • Optimal Nutrient Absorption: These Probiotic strains aid in effective nutrient absorption and fight disease-causing pathogens, promoting overall health
  • High Potency Formula: Offers a high concentration of 20 Billion CFU per 5gm serving, ensuring maximum effectiveness
  • Quality Manufacturing: Produced in a controlled environment to maintain high efficacy and long shelf life
  • Prebiotic Benefits: Includes Astragalus and Chicory Root for essential prebiotic nourishment, fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Comprehensive Immune Support: Enriched with Astragalus Polysaccharides to enhance your pet’s immune system and overall well-being
  • Economical Usage: A highly concentrated formula ensures a small amount goes a long way
  • Suitable for All Ages: Ideal for cats and dogs of all ages, though not recommended for pregnant or lactating animals
  • Australian-made and owned 
  • Naturopath approved 


  • After opening, store in the refrigerator
  • Use within 60 days of opening


  • Always read the label
  • Use only as directed
  • If symptoms persist, seek veterinarian advice
  • Not suitable for human consumption
  • Australian-made and owned 

NAS Gut Balance Probiotic Roo Liver Blend Supplement For Dogs And Cats 80g

SKU: DT1698
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  • Directions For Use

    Mix with your pet's food and always provide clean, fresh drinking water

    • Small dogs (1-10kg): 1 scoop daily
    • Medium dogs (11-26kg): 2 scoops daily
    • Large dogs (27-44kg): 2.5 scoops daily
    • Giant dogs (45+kg): 3 scoops daily
    • Cats: 1 scoop daily
  • Ingredients:

    • L Rhamnosus, L Paracasei, L Plantarum, B Lactis, B Longum, Inulin (Chicory Root), Barley Malt Extract, Astragalus Root Extract 50% Polysaccharides, Kangaroo Liver (Dried) 
    • Excipients: Maltodextrin, Pyrogenic Silica

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