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We have been working on this Harness for 2 years.  It is Unique to us and takes 2.5hrs to make in our workshop by hand.  It stops the pulling of Brachycephalic Breeds in its tracks.  We have a short video of it in action above along with how it fits.  The harness and undercarriage are lined with neoprene for comfort and it is waterproof aside from the stitching.  The Frenchie one has a slightly different design due to the shape of the dog with longer neck supports and larger girth straps. Like the picture we have a variety of customisable things we can do - over 4000 actually - so if you would like custom then select this and we will call you to do it.

No Pull Frenchie Harness

Sales Tax Included
  • This is your dogs body Length. Please ensure the length is from the base on the neck to the start of the tail.

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