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 Course Information

Puppy School

Whats in the package

Engagement with your Dog and Community.

Welcome to Doggy Scouts and Pup Scouts.  This is an initiative to promote a healthy relationship with your dog and to also be able to help your community.  We will be running courses where you will learn skills for your dog to have fun and also engage them.  With lots and lots of badges coming you will be able to get them and proudly display them on your jacket.  To be a Pup scout you will need to have passed our Level 1 Obedience not just complete it and to be a Doggy Scout have passed our Level 2 Obedience.  These 2 Levels will give your dog the skills to then start being able to do our Scent Badges, Therapy Badges, Agility Badges, Wildlife awareness and Koala Badges and higher level community badges.  For Pup scouts we only require Level 1 Obedience Pass and have a series of badges for these.  There is a social network as well so you can chat to each other and meet up.

Individual Classes to teach you skills are $35 a single class which will give you the skills for that badge. ie Agility, Scent work, Trick Training, Bush walking etc.  Testing Classes are $15 and Include the Badge if you Pass.  The Jacket is free on Completion of Level 1 on the $167 course if you are wanting to do this.

The community badges will involve tasks that help society and generates a donation to our Local Scout dens that we Individually support.  There will be video proof required of these that will be able to be uploaded - a $15 fee is still required for the badge.

What do we expect from the human?

Engagement with your Dog and Community.
  • You give your dog the Attention, Love and Protection they deserve
    • No ​dog is perfect or else it would be a robot.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit Crazy about my dogs and truth be told a helicopter parent.  I want the world to experience what it means to be able to love your dog with rules and boundries and receive that truly enduring love and respect from your best friend.  You also advocate for your dog in sticky situations out and about.

  • You know how to conduct yourself in Public.
    • To be one on the community​ and make sure you clean up after your dog.  You don't go out and break the law by being off lead in on lead areas.  You don't assume every dog is friendly and some dogs are on different journeys and struggle and often are trying to learn to cope in our world. 

  • You are kind to your dog.
    • You should be the most important thing in the world to your dog.  Be kind - they speak a different language and although we dont always think it - they dont go out of their way to upset you.  They are following their natuaral instincts - so be kind, calm and not frustrated.​ 

  • You NEVER use violence on your Dog​
    • Hitting a dog or any form of violence is a loss of emotional self control - if this is you then you need to address your issues first.​    

  • You look after them to the best of your ability.
    • You give them the best that you can. Shelter, food, parasite control, Veterinary care, grooming care.​ 

You have been tasked as their Guardian - they are not disposable - YOU CHOSE THEM - You should be there till the Rainbow Bridge

Participating Vet Clinics and Grooming Salons    for the vet and grooming badges

If you would like your Vet or Groomer to Participate get them to give us a call
Pipinley Dog Grooming - Burpengary - 0403 544 955
Classy K9's Boutique - Kallangur - 0431 252 757
Bonton Avenue Vets  - Deception Bay - 32047011
Baybreeze Family Vet - Capalaba - 3103 8432
Ferny Hills Vet - Ferny Hills - 3506 1125

What Badges are there?

Please note that this list will be expanding significantly - it takes time to program it all
If you are not a member already the system will ask you to join to be able to participate in the program - Again you must have passed Level one to do Pup scouts and Level 2 to do Dog Scouts.

Pup and Dog Scout

Vet Visits

Dog Scout

A Dogs Creed

On my delivery of treats, I promise
To do my best,
Be true to my Hooman
To contribute to my family
And live by Dog Law

Dog law

If I cannot eat it or play with it, then I Pee on it.
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