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Walk and Train Packages

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Basic Walk and Train Packages

Whats in the package

We ran these many years ago but have now evolved it.  So what is in the package and who is for? The Walk and Train is for our clients who are time poor and currently doing classes and need the extra help with their reactivity training or for those who are not our clients but want the dog to learn how to walk and learn sits and stays and recall.  This suits people who love their dogs but are busy with work. They get fresh air and exercise while having fun and getting training.  Our Professional trainers can tailor the training to suit your needs and will come to your house so they are in your local area.  The lessons are 30minutes long.

There are some conditions - Any dog reactive or dog aggressive dogs need specialised home training first.  Your dog will be under control at all times.  We DO NOT do dog parks.  The dog will be picked up from your home.  If the dog is territorial we will not endanger the team.  Safety of your dog and our team is a priority.  If it is raining or the temperature (feels like) is above 36 (your dogs core temp is 38) we will not take the dog out.  The team have dog cooling jackets and water with them for all dogs.  Some locations are not available at this point in time.  If you have any questions please call the admin team on 0424364101 - also to book.

All our Trainers are Police Checked and Insured and follow strict safety protocols.

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