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Information before Applying

Ensure you read the job description and requirements. From time to time we get the opportunity for the right candidate to join the company team on the North and South Side of Brisbane. (Please note All training for successful candidates is done on the north side of Brisbane).  The interview process is a multi step process to ensure we get the right person. The core part of the position is as an Obedience and Puppy school trainer.  We provide all the training and external certification but prior learning or demonstrated ability can be an advantage.  With this part of the position you will be required to work EVERY WEEKEND (This is the busiest time for training) - you will need to be fit and able to get up and down on your knees constantly with young puppies.  You will be required to carry stock and training equipment in your vehicle between sites so you need your own reliable vehicle and drivers license.  The days will vary and also the length.  As it is a casual position you will be required to work a minimum of 3 hrs over the weekend.  The length of training for this position depends on the individual ability but usually requires a 1-2 months paid intensive training to reach minimum standard. If you think you are just playing with puppies or this is just a whim this is not the job for you.  It is hard work but exceptionally rewarding.  A lot of people think they want to be dog trainers till it comes time to pick up poo or wipe up wee or get bitten thru not following safety procedures.  This people orientated position - you are teaching humans. You need to have a friendly manner and be able to communicate both over the phone and in groups confidently and professionally.  You will be working outdoors so a fear or rain or sun or heat or cold will limit your ability to do this role. We generally use Seek to advertise and so the interview process is done as groups to start with, this will involve but not limited to, being able to stand in front of the group and speak like you will need to do in class.  If you are successful at this stage you will be required to shadow a trainer as a volunteer for 1 day to ensure you can handle the days and for us to get a handle on you being the right fit.  After this shift we will do final interviews and offer up several positions to commence paid hands on training. Any position is ideally suited to a mature candidate who has life experience and realizes there is more to life and is deciding to follow a passion. Dog Training is one of the hardest industries to get a job in, so you will need to convince us you are serious. If you believe this is the job for you then you need to do a cover letter explaining why you are the right fit for our business and also a resume.  The resume needs to have contactable work references not just personal references listed to be considered.  If you do not have contactable references the application will be rejected.  Pay rates vary on class sizes up to $58 per class depending on the size.  OH&S is extremely important with dogs, you will be required to have a tetanus shot every 5 years and be currently covered for these as bites from dogs and puppies do happen. Only successful applicants will be contacted for an Interview.  If you have previous experience or are the right candidate there may also be the position of training in home where we will train you on the behavioural side, this would obviously mean significantly more hours and days of work.  

If you feel this could be right for you - then you can also send your cover letter and resume via the form Below - THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE A JOB OR WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH AN INTERVIEW.

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Thank you!

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