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Norwich Terrier


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Norwich Terrier

originating in the late 19th century in East Anglia, a rural region of England encompassing the town of Norwich in Norfolk County. Early Norwich were a mix of many terrier breeds and were referred to as Cantab, Trumpington, and Jones Terriers. Despite diversity in type and ear carriage, early breeders all sought to produce small, predominantly red, hunting terriers with amiable dispositions. The first Norwich to arrive in America was William Jones (1914–1928), purchased by Philadelphia-area horseman Robert Strawbridge, Esq., from his breeder Frank Jones. “Willum” was sturdy, game, gregarious 12-pounder, and a popular ambassador for the breed among foxhunting gentry from Virginia to Vermont.

The Norwich Terrier was recognized as an official breed in England in 1932, and included both the prick and drop ear carriage. In 1936, the first Norwich was registered with the AKC, a drop ear English male named Witherslack Sport. Not until 1979 did the AKC recognize the two ear carriages as separate breeds, with drop ears becoming Norfolk Terriers and prick ears remaining Norwich. Both breeds had the same parent club in America until 2009 when members voted to establish separate clubs: the Norwich Terrier Club of America, and the Norfolk Terrier Club

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