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Pet Head Oatmeal Dog Paw Butter 60ml is a super nourishing paw & nose balm for dogs which is perfect for keeping cracked skin at bay. Packed with natural ingredients that nourish the dog's paws and nose and give them extra TLC , Pet Head Oatmeal Dog Paw Butter 60ml contains shea butter which is a super moisturiser, oatmeal extract which has anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil to nourish and soften, and Aloe Vera which calms and softens skin. Gently massage into paws and noses whenever your pooch needs some extra care. Pet Head's range of products will keep your pup looking pampered, pretty and pristine.

Pet Head Oatmeal Dog Paw Butter 60ml

SKU: DT1279
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  • Weight Range

    Breed Guide




    2 - 4.5 kg

    Pomeranian, Chihuahua,

    Yorkshire Terrier

    Bravecto Yellow for

    Very Small Dogs

    4.5 - 10kg Shih Tzu, Pug, Cavoodle

    Bravecto Orange

    Small Dogs

    10 - 20kg

    Jack Russell, 

    French Bulldog

    Bravecto Green

    Medium Dogs

    20 - 40kg

    Border Collie, Kelpie, 

    Staffy, Boxer

    Bravecto Blue for

    Large Dogs

    40 - 56kg

    German Shepherd, 

    Golden Retriever,


    Bravecto Purple for

    Very Large Dogs

    For dogs over 56kg, administer the appropriate combination of chewables.


    • Nourishing paw & nose balm for keeping cracked skin at bay
    • Leaves your pooch with a fresh and fruity fragrance
    • Packed with wholesome and natural ingredients that nourish your dog's paws and nose
    • pH balanced
    • Free from chemicals and other nasties
    • Vegan and cruelty free
    • Easy to use by gently massaging into paws and noses

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