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The Double Row Rake and Shedding Blade is a dual use grooming tool with a shedding blade on one side and rake on the other. The double row rake gently removes loose undercoat, and the shedding blade is designed to effectively remove loose hair from the topcoat.This 2 in 1 grooming tool is perfect for long, short, or double coat breeds. Regular grooming will help to remove dirt, debris and loose hair that can cause matting.Start by using the double row rake and gently brush through the coat, working from the skin outwards. You can then turn over to shedding blade and apply light strokes at the head, moving down to the tail.The stainless-steel teeth on both sides can last for years if maintained well. Always clean the rake/blades after each use. Remove the bulk of the hair and soak for approximately 10 minutes in hot water with soap or a pet-safe disinfectant. Dry and store until next use.Features Helps remove shedding undercoat, loose hair, dirt, and debris. o Promotes healthy coat growth and skin Head to tail groomer with stainless-steel pins for durability Double Row Rake effectively removes undercoat Shedding Blade removes loose hair from the top of the coat

Wahl 2 in 1 Double Row Rake & Shedding Blade

SKU: DT1729
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