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Bruno Jura Hound


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Bruno Jura Hound

The Bruno Jura Hound is an ancient dog believed to have been bred and developed in the Middle Ages for hunting in the rugged Jura Mountains. It is a common belief that they are descendant of the Bruno French Chien Saint Hubert dog. A mosaic found in Avenches, Switzerland confirms that they were present in the Roman Helvetian times.They also have a close relationship to the Bloodhound with their tracking talent comparable to this famous relation.  Their nose is so sensitive to a scent that they can follow the slightest trace of a scent over the roughest, driest terrain.  This talent made them the perfect hunter for the Jura mountains, located in the wilderness of the  Swiss-French border. Remarkably swift and fast on their feet, this hound is no slouch when tracking its prey.

They take on the speedy fox and the hare and are known to have also hunted small deer. Once primarily used as an aide in the hunting field, the breed was further developed as a companion although they are not suited for a quiet indoor life. According to the registration of the Federation Cynologique Internationale, the Jura Hound is one of 4 types of Swiss Hound, with the others being the Schwyz, and Bernese and Lucerne Hounds.  A great family Dog and should one of the family be threatened, this dog will defend them without a thought for their own safety.

They are sensitive to situations and can sense danger, taking steps to protect their loved ones. They are an attractive dog with amazingly long ears, and their mellow nature allows them to mix well with other pets including other dogs. With such an inbred sense of the hunt within their genes, they are active dogs and love to walk or explore new territory. They are not suited to a small living space but excel in rural areas, or will suit a house with a yard as long as there is plenty of exercise in their daily routine

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