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Cane Lupino Del Gigante


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Cane Lupino Del Gigante.

Cane Lupino del Gigante is a local variant of Cane Toccatore used by shepherds near Reggio Emilia and is named after Gigante Fernan mountain in the area. They are a versatile and endangered Italian herding breed, holds significant importance in the Apennine Mountains. With an interesting History, explaining the Cane Lupino del Gigante by exploring its background and history, geographic distribution, declining population, role in herding, genetic study finding, temperament and behavior, and recognition and conservation efforts.

With a population of approximately 200 specimens, the breed’s numbers have dwindled due to the decrease in sheep raising.  Known for its docile temperament, making it suitable for driving sheep and guarding property. Preservation efforts are crucial to maintain genetic diversity and protect this breed from further decline.

The historical background of Cane Lupino del Gigante reveals its role as a herding breed used by shepherds on the Apennine Mountains. This indigenous breed, named after the Gigante Fernan mountain in the Reggio Emilia area. A genetic study conducted in 2018 found that Cane Lupino del Gigante predates 1859 and played a crucial role in the development of the German Shepherd Dog, French Berger Picard, and other Italian herding breeds. Despite not being recognized by the Italian Kennel Club( a bonus), this breed is highly valued by local shepherds for its versatility in tasks such as herding and property guarding.

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