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Greek Harehound


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Greek Harehound

The Greek Tracker, Greek Harehound, Gekas, or Zagariis is one of the almost unchanged dog breeds that have survived since ancient Greece. This may be because this dog breed lived in inaccessible mountainous regions, with little competition from other breeds. Due to this, their DNA has remained intact over the years.

The ancestors of the Greek Harehound are the ancient Laconian dogs of the Peloponnese, which accompanied the ancient seafarers on their travels. In battles, these dogs were often used as messengers. They have an excellent sense of smell and great endurance, so they were initially bred as hunting dogs, mainly for hunting hare and deer in ancient Greece, especially in Laconia, Argolis and Crete.

Several ancient Greek wall paintings, vases and coins confirm that the Greek Harehound has existed for many thousands of years in Greek lands since we see them accompanying hunters, warriors, and even the goddess Artemis.

They reach a height of 55 cm and a weight of 25 kg. In Greece, officially recognised Greek harehounds have a short rough, black and brown coat. They are pretty lively dogs, strong, rough, intelligent and friendly.

Today, the Greek Harehound is the only breed originating from Greece recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

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